A message from our founder

I thought “What can I do” was an excellent question as, whilst it would be wonderful if we all could be successful super heroes sporting our spandex and lycra, or in my day, as those materials had not been invented yet, coming to the rescue in a suit of shiny armour on a huge white charger with my faithful squire. Righting wrongs and saving Damsels in distress was still trending then, although Marvel comics were about, it was The Beano and Dandy and later Asterix that we all prized.

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…Lend me your ears…

Easy ways to support the Digital Health & Literacy Campaign

1.  Become a Friend or Member of S.M.A.R.T. Foundation and subscribe to our news letters
2.  Become a volunteer
3.  Become an Ambassador and share on your social media with friends, family and colleagues
4.  Corporate Social Responsibiliy – use S.M.A.R.T. as a vehicle to improve CSR
5.  Donate – a bit oldfashioned maybe, but with Gift Aid it is worth so much more!
6.  Any Old Iron? You’d be surprised what you could donate that we could use.
7.  Be a consultant – it never hurts to have more ideas on board.
8.  Join in with our projects – there’s plenty that you could join in with too!
This is only a brief, kind of “Top Ten” but there is plenty we won’t have thought of and plenty we could add to what we have already said! But for now that’s a “Starter for ten…” © Jeremy Paxman, and borrowed by Nigel…oh yes, I guess we could be lent other stuff too…


Be a volunteer and help do whatever it takes to promote functional digital literacy in our young people. See how what you can do might fit in with:



Our Aims

“To promote social, vocational education and/or learning inclusion for the public benefit by working towards preventing people from becoming socially, educationally and socio-economically excluded, relieving the needs of those people who are socially and/or learning excluded thereby assisting them to integrate more fully into society and the workplace.

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Join the campaign

The S.M.A.R.T. Foundation 2018 Digital Health & Literacy Campaign

Around 2,000,000 kids leave school every year functionally and digitally illiterate with poor or very slow reading rates in effect excluded from text based learning.

The S.M.A.R.T. Foundation Digital Health & Literacy Campaign provides a recognisable start point or launch pad toward addressing, what is now regarded as a Global Pandemic in Display Screen Equipment use or operation in the workplace and education, the need for optimising display screen ergonomics or accessibility to mitigate the high risk of eye-strain (Asthenopia) commonly known as Computer Vision Syndrome or Screen Fatigue.

The Business Case for Accessibility and Inclusive Design | Digital Leaders

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Be an Ambassador

You can be an ambassador for goodwill and awareness of the need for digital literacy.

The 2018 Digital Health & Literacy Campaign sponsored by the S.M.A.R.T. Foundation is “inviting” people to become friends of S.M.A.R.T., volunteer “Ambassadors” and gives an opportunity for individual and corporates to joins us in our efforts.

Get on Twitter,  Facebook, LinkedIn, or just plain ol’ email and badger whoever you can legally contact (GDPR and all that) by whatever means you have to spread the word.

Perhaps you have contacts in the news media or magazines that you could encourage to take up this well established but still under promoted cause.



Be a Consultant

With 20 years of experience providing services to a wide variety of schools, local authorities and youth organisations, Smart Foundation is well placed to offer consultancy and advisory assistance to all kinds of organisations seeking to help those who otherwise would just be “Kickin Off”. But it never hurts to have more ideas on board.




Companies can support our efforts to bring Smart Foundation activities to schools. It’s a very rewarding way to fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility. It has benefits for your employees as well.

Many companies have unused facilities which can be used as workshop space and even storage for every kind of project.

Corporate sponsors will get a branded portal to the Display Screen Optimiser for their local schools sponsored by them / their employees fund raising schemes etc. (not to mention the benefit of employees and their children also being able to use the employers portal ).


You can, of course help in the good old fashioned way – as well as a couple of more modern ways – adding Gift Aid to your donation increases it by 25% or more.

But its not only a question of money (though, of course, that helps a lot!)

Many of us actually have very little but feel strongly enough about the help we were able to give, that our time was the main gift we had to offer those we were helping.

As well as time, it must be clear that there is any number of skills which would be as valuable as any amount of cash to have on board. It has always been the people who make S.M.A.R.T. what it is.



Any old iron?

In our workshops we took pretty much anything and made it into something different. From a trike built from motorcycle and car parts to a prize-winning 7 foot alien made from all sorts of everything else we used pretty much anything we could get!

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Our Projects

Take a look at some of our projects – Perhaps you have expertise or ideas that will help us to complete others like them.

List of projects to follow…sorry about that but it really is a work in progress around here…maybe you might have some suggestions?



Imagine a list of Protective Factors & Risk Factors


  • A range of simple stuff to encourage “contact-time” and being involved in relationship and social, emotional and practical life-skills development.

I say this as it seems to me that the drive to socialise and enable kids these days might tend to revolve around the expediency of occupying them without having to actually spend too much 1 to 1 time with them in our busy lives, so kids are, perhaps no longer the main focus of attention in this 24/7 ON world of digital.

I don’t suppose many parents can afford to do “mixes in the kitchen,” although probably actually baking cup cakes, chocolate rice crispies etc might not be good to be too regular an activity – but as a treat maybe ?

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