A message from our founder

I thought “What can I do” was an excellent question as, whilst it would be wonderful if we all could be successful super heroes sporting our spandex and lycra, or in my day, as those materials had not been invented yet, coming to the rescue in a suit of shiny armour on a huge white charger with my faithful squire. Righting wrongs and saving Damsels in distress was still trending then, although Marvel comics were about, it was The Beano and Dandy and later Asterix that we all prized.

Of course, in reality I was only a kid who didn’t like horses, although I can claim success in that, like most of us in the real world, I have spent a lot of my life “tilting at windmills” or more specifically moaning about the state of things and that someone should do something about it, I mean really, someone should do something about it.

Nevertheless, I have always been travel sick in the back of cars, so fairgound rides, bungey jumping, and parachute jumps were never going to be on my agenda. Nor was I ever fit enough or inclined to ride from Lands End to John O’grouts, so doing marathons and/or so-called fun runs just wasn’t gonna happen as sponsored funding raising activities and apart from that, without today’s spell checkers no one took anyone functionally illiterate seriously anyway.

So, if you can do these things to raise funds that would be absolutely brilliant although, if you really want to make a difference, not that we don’t need the money, supporting those with “limited access to digital text” and enabling them to read more fluently so we can all participate in text based learning would be at least as, if not more important than the fund raising money.

I hope the following ideas trigger your imagination and you can find things you can do.


Nigel Dupree
Founder & Project Director for the 2018 Digital Health & Literacy Campaign