Imagine a list of Protective Factors & Risk Factors


  • A range of simple stuff to encourage “contact-time” and being involved in relationship and social, emotional and practical life-skills development.

I say this as it seems to me that the drive to socialise and enable kids these days might tend to revolve around the expediency of occupying them without having to actually spend too much 1 to 1 time with them in our busy lives, so kids are, perhaps no longer the main focus of attention in this 24/7 ON world of digital.

I don’t suppose many parents can afford to do “mixes in the kitchen,” although probably actually baking cup cakes, chocolate rice crispies etc might not be good to be too regular an activity – but as a treat maybe ?

For starters:

(Age related, of course)
Bedtime or anytime stories
(Paired Reading)
Rhymes , ditties, songs

ACTIVITIES with kids:

Working with pictures –
Colouring books
Spot the difference between pictures
Later, I suppose, would be word searches and other puzzles.