…Lend me your ears…

Easy ways to support the Digital Health & Literacy Campaign

1.  Become a Friend or Member of S.M.A.R.T. Foundation and subscribe to our news letters
2.  Become a volunteer
3.  Become an Ambassador and share on your social media with friends, family and colleagues
4.  Corporate Social Responsibiliy – use S.M.A.R.T. as a vehicle to improve CSR
5.  Donate – a bit oldfashioned maybe, but with Gift Aid it is worth so much more!
6.  Any Old Iron? You’d be surprised what you could donate that we could use.
7.  Be a consultant – it never hurts to have more ideas on board.
8.  Join in with our projects – there’s plenty that you could join in with too!
This is only a brief, kind of “Top Ten” but there is plenty we won’t have thought of and plenty we could add to what we have already said! But for now that’s a “Starter for ten…” © Jeremy Paxman, and borrowed by Nigel…oh yes, I guess we could be lent other stuff too…